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Our curriculum

Our curriculum combines a rigorous academic focus m88 linkwith an engaging, creative approach. We adapt units of work to pupils’ interests and abilities, ensuring that they make great progress. One key way we combine academic rigour with engagement and creativity is through the embedding of technology across the curriculum.  It is a carefully crafted curriculum built around a traditional Biblical Christian understanding of the world

Literacy and Mathematics form the foundation of our education at LCS. These are taught every day from Y1- Y6 and skills are developed through M88 game apkformal and informal assessment, interventions, delivering lessons with captivating themes and activities, and integrating subjects such as Science, Geography and History.

We inform and prepare our children for a lifetime of digital learning by teaching key principles of computing, digital literacy and online safety. We embed technology into our curriculum using portable Chromebooks, iPads and floor robots. The older children share what they make and learn via a safe social learning platform. We have also introduced m88 betting websiteLEGO® We-DO to make programs and build working models that the children can remotely control using Bluetooth. The range of software we use breaks down the classroom walls and enables complimentary learning at home.

Alongside our core curriculum, we strive to promote well-roundedness by teaching subjects such as sport and foreign languages (Mandarin Chinese, French and Latin). Creativity is nurtured through Art and Music, with fundamental techniques and musical theory instilled from a young age. Older children m88 login mobile appalso participate in Politics and Philosophy lessons to encourage interest in contemporary issues and events.

In our early years setting, key areas for growth are Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language and Physical Development. They underpin all activities in these classes and are delivered through inspiring themes such as ‘Space’, ‘Transport’ and ‘Under the Sea’.

Staff are trained in identifying pupils with special educational needs and are aware of any existing M88 game apkneeds (such as English as an Additional Language). Once identified, staff work together and partner with parents to develop an educational plan to effectively provide support and motivation both in school and at home. Support at school (such as one-to-one interventions and small group work) enables these pupils to access the curriculum and aids overall learning and progress.

We seek to enrich the learning experience by providing natural links across subjects. We feel that we are doing a good job when a child remarks m88 online betting websitein a Mathematics lesson “Ah, that’s like something I learned in Geography”.

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